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iDotz.Net Hosting - Build a Professional Website, Blog, Portfolio or Online Store!

The fastest and easiest way to create a Website, Blog, Portfolio or Online Store. Create beautiful and professional websites in minutes !
Drag & Drop Builder - No < coding > required.
  ●  Create beautiful, professional website within minutes. Add text, photos, maps and videos quickly and easily by dragging and dropping items into place.
Powerful SEO
  ●  Create custom URLs, title tags, header and footer code, and meta descriptions to help your blog and website perform better in search results and bring more traffic to your site.
Easily Upgrade to E-Commerce
  ●  Manage your product inventory, update order status and track sales all on a single platform and start selling now!
Site Features Free Starter Pro Business Performance

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billed annually

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Unlimited Storage 500MB
Free Hosting
Free SSL Security  
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eCommerce Features

Free Starter Pro Business Performance
Weebly Transaction Fee   3% 3% 0% 0%
Product Listings   10 25 Unlimited Unlimited
Shopping Cart   Checkout on Weebly Checkout on Weebly
Digital Goods      
Product Reviews      
Inventory Management      
Shipping & Tax calculator      
Coupon Codes      
Shipping Discounts      
Abandoned Cart Emails        
Weebly Gift Cards        


Unlimited storage

With increased storage space you'll be able to upload more videos, images, mp3s and other files to your website


Free SSL security

A free SSL certificate for your domain. SSL ensures that visitors navigate your site over a secured 128-bit encrypted connection, displaying a lock in the address bar. If using eCommerce, it enables customers to checkout directly on your domain.


Free hosting

You don’t have to worry about installing or maintaining a hosting system for your website. We will do that for you.


No Weebly branding

Remove Weebly Ads from the footer of your site. Upload your own favicon to display in the address bar and browser tab next to your site's URL.


Site search

Site search helps your visitors quickly find the information they need.


Password protection

Enable password protection to keep specified areas of your website hidden from view.


Video backgrounds

Create a more engaging and dynamic user experience with full-width video backgrounds.

HD video & audio

Display your videos with stunning clarity in our unbranded HD video player. Our HTML5 players ensure smooth viewing on web, mobile, and iPad.

Membership options

Build a membership website that lets people login to access special content. You can add members, manage them in groups and control which pages they have access to.


Weebly transaction fee

Accept all major credit cards and online payment methods. The transaction fee is charged on top of standard processing fees.

Product listings

Sell digital goods, physical products or services with flexible selling options. Show the number of items remaining to encourage sales and create product categories to help shoppers navigate your store.


Shopping cart

Provide a seamless and secure checkout experience that works everywhere - including mobile phones and tablets.


Digital goods

Sell digital goods like songs and eBooks. You control how many times files can be downloaded or how many days they are available for download.


Product reviews

Automatically send emails to request product reviews from your customers and display them on your site.


Inventory management

Track your inventory so you always know how many items are left in stock. Automatically show customers when a product is out of stock. Sync your inventory in real time with Square.

Shipping & tax calculator

Fine-grained tax controls: Calculate and add taxes to orders with full international capabilities.


Coupon codes

Offer coupon codes to drive sales, encourage repeat buying behavior, and attract new customers to your store. Flexible options including C$ discount, % discount, and the ability to define which products are eligible by offer.


Shipping discounts

Sell, ship, print and track - all in one place. Get up to a 40% discount on shipping rates with our easy shipping solution.


Abandoned cart emails

Automatically send reminder emails to customers who don't complete purchases during the checkout flow.


Digital gift cards

Make digital gift cards available to your customers.


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